“For the first time in my life I’m speechless. I can’t put into words how amazing our films are! I am in floods of the most happy, happy tears! “

Rach and Alex, Styal Lodge

I’m Hannah, a laid back Cheshire wedding videographer with a big old smile and a love of story-telling!

I’ve been part of nearly 300 weddings, as both a film maker and as a photographer. I’m all about colour, laughter and the sheer emotion of a wedding day. I love that each and every couple I work with is unique, there’s no one like you and there’s no other day like your wedding day.

My approach is simple. One camera, one film maker and one damn good story…your wedding day!

I’m there to document your day, to capture you and the people you love the most without distracting from your wedding. No cheese, no bossing you around and definitely no forced fun.

Instead I’ll tell the story of your day with creativity, style and a dash or two of down to earth humour.

Every single time you watch your film I want those feelings of utter joy and happiness to come flooding back to you.

I live in Cheshire, right on the edge of the Peak District with my little family and our adorable rescue dog, Nancy. You might get to meet Nancy on a Zoom chat, she always likes to say hello!

Trev, Nell, Nancy and I love exploring the Peaks, good food, great pubs, music, dog walks, travel and hanging out with our favourite people.

Love what you see? Here are a few more reasons we’ll be a great fit!

My films make you smile, cry and laugh
Colourful, subtle and full of life. That just about sums up my style.

You want to hang out with a person, not a huge team
I am all about being discreet. It’s just me and a small camera. I won’t turn up with a team of people, huge microphones and gigantic cameras. This is your wedding, not an epic Netflix production.

You’re laid back & know that your day is all about you two & the people you love the most
Tradition schmadition! You want to keep the traditions that mean the most to you and ditch those that don’t make your heart sing. Your wedding is packed full of your personalities and everything (and everyone) that means the world to you.

Your film is about your day, no one else’s
You want a film that’s crafted around your wedding day. No standard formulas, no one telling you that you ‘have’ to do something. Your film will be as unique as you two are.

“We want to say a huge thank you for the films, they’re absolutely perfect! We couldn’t have asked for anything better and are so happy we have these as a memory of our day”

Clara and Tim, Peak District

Get in touch…

I create beautiful story driven wedding films for couples who want to look back at their day and remember how it felt, as much as what it looked like.

The days of three hour long wedding films are long gone, my films are designed to be watched again and again. After your wedding you’ll receive a short highlights film and, depending on your booking, a second film ranging from 8-20 minutes.

I keep my pricing nice and simple and have a couple of different options for you to choose from.

My most popular package includes

– Me, from prep to party
– Two films, edited in my signature style
– Your full ceremony
– Your full speeches

Although I’m based in Cheshire I travel all over the country for weddings.

I’m lucky enough to get bookings up to two years in advance so please get in touch to chat about your plans, check my availability and find out more about my films.

I can’t wait to hear from you!

“I cried the whole way through! The films are honestly just amazing and capture our day so well”

Katie and Jonny, The Barn on the Bay